Facebook is blocking Soundcloud

  • 20 January 2020
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 When posting ANY soundcloud link, FB is removing it, and telling you the folllowing:


We don't allow people to use misleading or inaccurate information to get likes, followers or shares.

We define spam as things like:

  • • Artificially increasing content distribution to make money
  • • Requiring people to like, share or recommend content before they can view it
  • • Pretending to be someone else

This isnt the only site that has made step after step to prevent us from speaking to one another to gain an audience. Soundcloud did the same thing by dropping groups. Something ZERO users wanted. But that was a way for us to ban together and gain fans.


Youtube, same thing.

these companies are gaining popularity, by letting local artists build their content, and popularity, then they all run to the giant hollywood and label artists, and let THEM do all the promoting, while claiming to offer us an option to promote as well. But unless youre talking 10K bucks  or more, plan on being seen by pretty much no one.



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