"Failed to Upload. Please check account details..."

  • 7 August 2016
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Garageband to Soundcloud upload not working. Error message appears every time I try to upload: "Failed to Upload. Please check account details." I am currently running the latest available versioins of soundcloud and garageband on my ipad as of 8/6/2016. Just curious if this has anything to do with new versions of the ipad OS or something of that manner. I appreciate any help you can give me.

2 replies

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Hi Zach,

Hmm - odd! Not sure why this might be happening. Your settings on your SoundCloud account are looking alright. Have you tried to upload via a computer (syncing your exported audio file via iTunes first, then upload through a web browser on a computer)?

Garage Band is basically using our public API to integrate the direct upload into their app - if the issue continues, it might be worth reaching out to their support, too. We'll keep an eye out for other reports coming out way though.

I just figured it out! Garageband had been disconnected from my Soundcloud account. It was giving me the option to upload to Soundcloud and appeared that I was still logged into my account there. Today I figured I would try again. It got stuck on the "uploading" phase and then after about 10 minutes of that a window popped up and asked me to sign into my Soundcloud account. I'm not sure what caused it to disconnect or lose my soundcloud info but I got it working now. Thanks for your help Mathis. Sorry for wasting your time with this. xD