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  • 20 February 2015
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Hey !I was wondering if they can be a way 2 different souncloud artist user, who produced/created/remixed together a song, could upload the same song together and both shared the views (like 1 song uploaded instead of 2)Thanks for your answer Theo H.

2 replies

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Hi there Théo,

Thanks for your question - good one! Currently, it is not possible to have one song distributed by two accounts at the same time - but here is what you can do:

a) You could both upload the track to your accounts. The downside here is that stats & comments would be split.
b) One of you could upload the track to their profile, and the other user could repost the track. That way, the track will appear on both of your public profiles so yours and your collaborator's followers will see the track.

I, personally, would go for the latter workaround.

Hope this helps!

Is this a planned feature?