for some reason one of my tracks will play the vocals and music online on a computer but the same track will only play music on the app.

  • 4 February 2016
  • 2 replies

One of the songs I have uploaded, (Spirit), will play the music along with the vocals on a computer, but when you play the exact same track on the app it only plays the music. I played the same track on both my computer and my phone app at the same time and one would play the vocals and music, and the other only the music.

2 replies

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Hi Rey,

I listened to your track on computer and mobile and both sounded the same with vocals. Also, we grab the data for what track to play from the same place so I don't see how two versions of the track could happen unless you first uploaded only an instrumental then replaced the track with the vocal version. In that case, sometimes the app is delayed in recognising file updates.

Hope that helps,
Could be my iPhone not working the app correctly. It happens intermittently. I just saw it as odd since the file was uploaded with vocals. Thanks.