Garage Band Upload Fail

  • 24 April 2018
  • 6 replies

I am trying to upload from garage band on my phone, and it loads all the way and then displays a message that says " Upload Failed
The song could not be uploaded. Please review your account details then try uploading again." please help

6 replies

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Hi there,

Hmm, so, I can see that you have sufficient quota, and your email address is properly confirmed - maybe the latter wasn't the case when you first tried to upload directly from GarageBand? If this continues to fail, please try and export the track into an audio file first (.mp3, .wav), then upload directly from the website.

Let us know how it went.
Hi umm... I’m not exactly sure how to do that. I exported it to files on my iPhone as an Audio file and I’m not sure if that’s a .wav or not but it still didn’t work when I then tried to upload it to SoundCloud. If you have any information it would be really helpful.
Nevermind I just had to log out and edit my profile and log back in
Nothing works
Alright kids, I been at this one a few hours with various tech supports. I was having the same problem with garageband and music memos. I'm not sure my solution will work for you, but you may as well try it. Even if your app is up to date, if your iOS is not, that seems to create a conflict. SO make sure you're on iOS 12.4.1, this may save you a few hours of horrible pop songs blaring out of your phone, while you wait for tech to get back to you.
good luck!
Everything’s up to date, plenty of space free, I logged out of the app and back in again. There’s no apparent way to export from GB to anywhere else that’s useful: Files isn’t supported. Dropbox can’t share to SoundCloud. I can export to “iTunes” but that’s the bit bucket as far as I can see.

You guys should really look at fixing this.