• 18 January 2018
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Why cant i search or filter genres? Dont understand why this is missing.

4 replies

Apparently to crack down on spammers Soundcloud decided on a scorched earth approach and canned all ability to search (and therefore post) on blocks of musicians in things genres. In other words SoundCloud is run by monkeys in this regard.....
Dont understand what you are talking about, sorry. Could you explain what you mean?
Here's an expert explanation...
When you search by "Genre" you're essentially searching by hashtag and Soundcloud does nothing to verify via crowdsourcing our claimed hashtags, or for that matter our claimed genres. So all the spammers / those who game the system do is simply add a hashtag for as many genres as possible even when their music clearly is not in that genre. There you go, Soundcloud now has no way to discover similar styles of new music.

Only thing worse then this disease of being unable to discover new music from unsigned artists via genre is the usual overly-aggressive way Soundcloud goes about prescribing a cure.

For example back in the golden era of Soundcloud new aspiring musicians could get tons of follows and loads of legit new people to their music simply by following lots of people who seemed similar. But then the spammers abused that process so Soundclod decided on the worst possible cure, which was to limit people's ability to unfollow or follow "large" numbers of people and if you hit their limit they'd suspend your ability to follow and unfollow for a week...

And if you were like me and discovered that you had hundreds of terrible musicians in your stream because you were still refining how you do discovery/networking/promoting and you needed to clean up your stream, the simple act of unfollowing hundreds of people took several weeks, not to mention making it impossible to build up plays numbers and fans thru the follow function in an efficient way ever again. So then instead of containing the spammers to follow and unfollows, which most of us can tolerate, their ill-planned solution forced the spammers into spamming via our Soundcloud inbox.

In the same failed solution Soundcloud tried to address the many people on here who have complained about spammy messages in their inbox by limiting the amount of messages that everyone can send. Thus, Soundcloud again destroys Soundcloud's networking potential for legit musicians who want to discover new music, generate plays and new follows in an efficient way.

Time and time again, rather than Soundcloud being strategic and only going after the worst spammers in the industry standard practice of wack-a-mole, so they don't destroy the network of the greater whole, they've always chosen the nuclear option and dropped a twenty kilo-ton boulder ontop of all profiles, as if we're all moles, thus legit users who want to network can't do so and spammers continue to give them more reason to limit users even more.

If there really is an executive at Soundcloud who truly cares about the future of unsigned artists on their massive network they need to speak up and start replying to these complaints because at this point their silence, their unwillingness to communicate with us on any meaningful level, is proof that they don't care about us and we're going to have to migrate elsewhere.
Ah, ok, it‘s more complex. I started to understand.. Thanks a lot for your explanaitions!