Geo Blocking bug!!!

  • 6 December 2016
  • 3 replies

We have discovered some kind of bug in the SC system. Our song here: will not switch off the geo blocking of the UK in settings. We created this track and own rights so it's not a rights issue but it keeps reverting to blocked after it is saved... no one has yet been able to help us... it is deeply frustrating. Especially as we've paying for this service! Thanks for any light you can shed...

3 replies

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Have a similar problem since yesterday. No idea what´s going on... no advise so far.. 😞
NOT A THING!!!! Have had a reply on Twitter... suggest you come join us here:
Yeah - I'm sorry to say ours has been on-going for months too now (possibly longer as we only spotted it recently) but no joy so don't get your hopes up!!!

Maybe we will get some answers here?