Getting HTTP Error: 401 trying to upload from Logic.

  • 1 February 2018
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I keep getting HTTP Error: 401 while trying to upload a track from logic. It had been working perfectly. Checked and reset Soundcloud password just in case, Can log on to Soundcloud on computer and phone just fine but can not link Logic. Keep getting the Captcha screens and then the error. Help!

Thank you!

15 replies

Same exact situation with GarageBand; just started today. Noticed an Apple update happened last night, guessing that has something to do with it...
I am also having this issue on my own app, and we haven't changed anything. It seems like an error on SoundCloud's side.
I'm having the same problem. Unable to load my podcast up.
Me too, its been driving me mad! you can bounce the project to your desktop, then upload the project straight from soundcloud but its a pain!
Shoot!! After hours of trial & error, I see that is is not MY mistake...
Soundcloud please repair the damage... very annoying!
Was able to upload even after Apple update to Logic Pro X for a few days, now my email and password is not happening . Is this a SoundCloud problem?
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Hello Community,

Sorry to hear this is happening to you. I've reached out to our engineers to see if there's more information around this & for this to be investigated. In the meantime, in order to work around the issue, you can export your tracks to an audio file format and upload directly from the website. Of course, not a solution, merely a workaround. Thank you for hanging in there.

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UPDATE: Our engineers have investigated the issue & found the root cause. This has now been fixed for you.

Thanks for reporting, your help with this is much appreciated!

Our engineers have investigated the issue & found the root cause. This has now been fixed for you.
Things seem to be working for me now. Thanks!
Cool! Thank you
I seem to be having a similar issue via the share in Logic Pro. Get to the login > declare I am not a robot and the reCaptcha wheel keeps spinning. 😞
please eliminate the recaptcha!!! robots are not trying to break into our accounts to upload things!!! driving me FUCKING NUTS!!!
same problem here - stalls at the i'm not a robot stage - any suggestions?
I have the same problem. Using Logic Pro x on OS 10.12.6. Also have the issue in Garageband.
same problem here with logic 10.4.1. all of a sudden no log-in no changes or updates implicated - really annoying