Having trouble updating podcast art on iTunes through Soundcloud

  • 16 January 2018
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Like so many others I've seen post online, I'm having a hell of a time updating my podcast artwork on Soundcloud for iTunes. Currently on iTunes I'm only seeing the old artwork from when I originally uploaded the podcast. I've since changed user profiles and still the old artwork remains. Newest change is less than 500 KB and over 1400x1400 pixels.

RSS feed is here:

At the very bottom, this is the referenced image:

^ Which isn't even the podcast art being displayed on iTunes!? I'm very confused and frustrated as a lot of the guides online either don't actually get into where to update the channel image link or solve a different problem than the one I'm having.

Current Soundcloud profile pic is what I'd like to get set as the podcast art for iTunes and beyond.

This is the one I'd like it to be using:

1 reply

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Hi there ToadKing07,

Sorry to hear iTunes isn't updating your artwork properly. If you've updated your SoundCloud profile picture with another image that meets iTunes' requirements, it should eventually update.

If this still doesn't work, here's something that has worked for many users (thanks to our user shawnmx):
Go to and log in with your Apple ID. Click the artwork for your show and then click the "refresh featureed" link. It may take up to 24 hours for your iTunes Store listing to update. Keep in mind that current subscribers will get your latest episode as soon as they refresh their subscriptions, regardless of what's being displayed in the iTunes Store.

Apart from that, we're collecting a number of helpful articles around podcasting here on our Help Center: