• 10 February 2017
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I've seen a ton of these posts show up and I don't know why they're saying solved.

I know when you upload a song on anything it looses quality. That's expected. But something very is wrong here.

I always upload my tracks privately and listen to it every way possible before the final post, but just recently (early February) I've noticed disgustingly low bitrate distorted quality garbage that sounds nothing like how it really sounds ONLY THROUGH MY PHONE SPEAKER IN THE SOUNDCLOUD APP. When I put on headphones or plug my phone in to any speaker or use my laptop it sounds great. When I use the alternative soundcloud player it sounds great through my phone speakers???? It has to be something to do with the main app connecting to the phone audio driver.

I can't upload anything because of how bad it sounds. It sounds great with headphones but I am a producer/engineer and I need it to sound good in every way possible.

I have a galaxy s7


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4 replies

I just figured out it has something to do with stereo imaging in the main app because I put it on mono mode and sounded good through the phone speaker. Still doesn't make sense why it played great in stereo mode on the alternative "my cloud player"

Please fix this issue.
I am having the exact same issues.. I uploaded a track around October of last year. it sounded fine then, now it is just as you described and my new tracks are the same way.

I downloaded my track from October on iTunes which is the same file I uploaded to soundcloud and it sounds good.

I don't know what's up but I tried many different masters and they all sound like garbage playing through my phone speaker
Hey, I have that problem on my Galaxy note 3, though everything sounds just fine when headphones are connected, many songs just sound horrible without it
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Hi there,

Our engineers are currently investigating an audio quality issue that affects playback quality on our mobile apps. Please see the original post on this topic for more info. Thanks!

P.S.: I'm assuming this is what's causing the issue for you. Another root cause could be the way it was recorded - sometimes, users explain a specific instrument or the vocals cannot be heard properly on mobile, in which case phase inversion of the specific track helps.