Help removing/transferring soundcloud go tracks

Hi Soundcloud

These tracks keep uploading to my profile ( without my permission and I would like them moved to a secondary profile I have created:

They are clogging up my profile and I've spoken to my labels and distributors and they're fine with moving them to the new profile but they can't figure out how. There tracks on there which aren't even mine as well and my profile looks like a mess to any non-soundcloud go subscriber (I'm not even a subscriber myself and do not listen to soundcloud go tracks).

Please can we get the soundcloud go tracks moved to the other profile or deleted altogether as they are generating very very few listens and it makes my profile look like a mess, which is annoying as I like to use my soundcloud profile as a portfolio of work. Wouldn't have jobs listed in a CV with their details blurred out after the first couple of words?

below are the URLs of all the soundcloud go tracks i would like moved to the new profile or deleted: (This track isn't even mine)

All the best

Liam Harrison

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