[HELP] SoundCloud Repost Bug: Track still appears on my /reposts page even though it isn't reposted (repost button is black/white) and won't go away. Please help as this is annoying me

  • 19 March 2018
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So basically I repost a fair few tracks daily using RepostExchange and then remove my reposts after 2 days. However, someone's track on my reposts appears as not reposted (the button is black rather than orange), yet still keeps appearing on my /reposts page and won't go away. How can I get this off of my profile once and for all?

(someone likes to bot their plays)

If I click the Repost button it will say that the track has been reposted like normal (the notif will appear on top-right and button will turn orange) then if I click it again to un-repost the track, it will leave my /reposts page, however after waiting for a few hours, it will re-appear on there again like it was before (see screenshot)

I have come across a similar bug before where I have to repost and un-repost a track to get it off of my /reposts page but usually when I do that it permanently goes away, meanwhile for this one it keeps staying and re-appearing on my profile

Is there any way that this can be removed from my page permanently so it doesn't appear on my /reposts anymore?
Any help would be highly appreciated

2 replies

Same problem here with this track:

Who can help us to remove it from our repost section?

Thank you
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Hi there,

It looks like no one from the Help Community has had the chance to get back to you yet. Hope that you're sorted out in the meantime. I've just made sure your Stream and profile are properly rebuilt from our backend just in case. If you're still seeing these tracks, please try to actually repost them again, refresh the page, then click the repost button one more time. This should now hopefully get rid of any "leftovers" 🙂