Higher bitrate options coming?

  • 11 January 2017
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Hello - I've been listening to a track I uploaded last week, and I'm really disappointed in the sound quality - it's clear when listening to the cymbals that the bitrate is pretty low - probably 128k or lower. These sound artifacts are not present in the original upload.

I'm on the pro unlimited plan - are there any plans to offer higher bitrates in the future, either for everyone or at least for paid subscriptions?

3 replies

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Hi Jalopy,

Just came across this topic of yours. We currently don't have any immediate plans to increase the bitrate, however our engineers continue to improve our transcoding algorithms and I will make sure to pass on your feedback.

So... one year later: Have you been able to "improve your transcoding algorithms"? :)

Or have you perhaps considered switching to AAC (mp4) audio like youtube does? After all, 128 kbit aac sounds better than 128 kbit mp3. I think the difference is noticeable, and you wouldn't have to go back and reencode old stuff as far as I can see. Just apply it for new uploads?

I think 128 kbit/sec mp3 is a bit too conservative in this day and age. 192 seems like a better compromise between size requirements, bandwidth and sound quality.
Mate, sorry to tell ya, but soundcloud streaming is actually 64kbps. Essentially, your music has a highcut at 11khz. I believe this was done to limit the chance of anyones music blowing up on soundcloud, as now everything sounds like utter trash.