How can I upload my own mashups

  • 27 July 2015
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How do I upload my own mashup that I created in my head if it's telling me it's copyrighted. I understand Mashing up is just mixing 2 or more songs together but in your own image and what you think sounds good together. Others do it, so why can't I upload mine? I'm not trying to take credit for someone else songs but just expanding and showing a different light on it. If I'm not able to do this on my own accord what is the point. It's my own rendition of mashups that are made countless times a year. Thanks!

3 replies

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well one way to figure this out is to simply try it. upload one of your mashups. if there is any copyright infringement detected, soundcloud will take the track down.
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Avoid the strikes against your account and read this:

Well, I did try it and still same ordeal. Now I can't try again for some reason.