• 4 July 2017
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Man, this is frustrating. When I update songs, they do not update in my iPhone. Yes, I have latest version of app. There is no place to clear the cache. I have tried turning on "Clean database" and "Clean image cache" in the System Settings area. I seem to remember there was a place to do this in my old Android. I went and cleared the cache in Safari thinking that may be the problem. Turned phone off and on.

Just finding a place to ask a PRETTY BASIC question like this takes a lot of searching. There's a place where you can ask twitter and a reference to a contact form that apparently does not exist.

5 replies

It's amazing how bad of a platform Soundcloud is. I'm paying $7 a month for the ability to re-up content and their app does not even acknowledge the file changed. I have refreshed content that has the old version stuck in the cache. The only way to clear it is to uninstall/re-install the app.

No wonder Soundcloud is going under. They don't care at all about their paying customers.
Same problem to me. SC app is growing more and more
Same problem for me on iOS . Is there a way to empty cache today ?
I found a way.
go to iphone settings scroll down to soundcloud
enable troubleshooting menu and the two boxes above
go to soundclud app settings
go to troubleshooting and click send diagnostic information

i do believe that enabling the clear image cache button in iPhone settings, and restarting the app is enough.
The solution is very simple: Delete the app and download it again. Also don't forget to leave a bad review for the app in the App Store.

I am a Pro customer. This is such a ridiculous poorly designed product.