• 4 July 2017
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Man, this is frustrating. When I update songs, they do not update in my iPhone. Yes, I have latest version of app. There is no place to clear the cache. I have tried turning on "Clean database" and "Clean image cache" in the System Settings area. I seem to remember there was a place to do this in my old Android. I went and cleared the cache in Safari thinking that may be the problem. Turned phone off and on.

Just finding a place to ask a PRETTY BASIC question like this takes a lot of searching. There's a place where you can ask twitter and a reference to a contact form that apparently does not exist.

5 replies

The solution is very simple: Delete the app and download it again. Also don't forget to leave a bad review for the app in the App Store.

I am a Pro customer. This is such a ridiculous poorly designed product.
I found a way.
go to iphone settings scroll down to soundcloud
enable troubleshooting menu and the two boxes above
go to soundclud app settings
go to troubleshooting and click send diagnostic information

i do believe that enabling the clear image cache button in iPhone settings, and restarting the app is enough.
Same problem for me on iOS . Is there a way to empty cache today ?
Same problem to me. SC app is growing more and more
It's amazing how bad of a platform Soundcloud is. I'm paying $7 a month for the ability to re-up content and their app does not even acknowledge the file changed. I have refreshed content that has the old version stuck in the cache. The only way to clear it is to uninstall/re-install the app.

No wonder Soundcloud is going under. They don't care at all about their paying customers.