How do I delete tracks from my collection?

  • 11 January 2017
  • 4 replies

I see the garbage can icon for deleting my own tracks. I want to delete tracks of music I like and people I follow. How can I do that?

4 replies

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Hi Zefiro,

Deleting other users' tracks is not possible. If you'd rather not want to see specific tracks, I'd recommend to stop following that user (by clicking the follow button one more time). Once done, their content will be removed automatically from your Stream. If you have liked tracks that you don't want in your Collection, just unlike them, and they're gone.

Hi Mathis,
I unfollowed the two users I was following. They pictures disappeared but their tracks remain. I had put their tracks in playlists. There doesn't seem to be a way to delete either a playlist or tracks within a playlist.

This all came up because several of my own demo tracks which link to my website have been removed. I am guessing that I was up to my limit without going PRO. I am trying to reduce the amount of time being used in my account. However, I cannot seem to remove any tracks but my own. I want to remove all the other users' tracks so that I have room for mine.

I need more help with this.

Thank you.

Bob aka Zefiro
i have the same issue, inadvertently added some one else's song to my track list but can't delete it. should be a simple thing, trash can etc., but no way to delete it. it's a song by someone i'm not even following so unfollowing doesn't remove the track. got to be some way to get rid of it. any help?
Well for followers, Peres the "following" button and it will say "follow" wich means you are no longer following them.

For liked tracks you want off your profile, press the heart button and the track will go away.