How do I fix my downloaded file from displaying %22 in the file name where I've used quotation marks

  • 14 September 2016
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I've uploaded nearly 200 voiceover artist demos to our SoundCloud Pro account and have now discovered that by because I used quotation marks in the file name like this:

Male Voice Artist | Name | City | "Audio Profile Demo".mp3

... when a user downloads the track the name is changed to:

Male Voice Artist | Name | City |%22Audio Profile Demo%22.mp3

I've edited the file name to remove the quotation marks, but the file still downloads with the distracting %22 each side of the track name.

It appears that to totally remove the quotation marks from how it's displayed in All, Tracks and Albums, the file name has to be edited not once, but three times. That's one edit each for the different view options of All, Tracks and Albums.

The only fix I've found is to edit the file name three times as described above and then "Replace file" to upload the nearly 200 files again, this time without the quotation marks in the file name.

Any other solution? Your help is appreciated.



Latest version of Safari Version 9.1.3 (11601.7.8) and the latest version of Chrome
Mac OS El Capitan Version 10.11.6 15G1004

2 replies

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that's an annoying problem indeed. My guess is you could edit the file name once, and then wait 2 days or so for the system to pick up the change, May be someone from SC support (they have an active twitter account) can offer better advice.
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Hi there,

Hmm, the file that others can download is the exact same file that you've uploaded actually. Hence, once uploaded, there is no option for you or us to adjust the filename, unless your replacing the file or upload the file again.

Hence, I'm afraid there is no other option than the one you've explained before.