How do I update an existing recording?

  • 16 August 2015
  • 4 replies

I just remixed the recording of one of my songs and, instead of uploading an entirely new song (and lose the listeners and links I already had on the previous version) I would rather just update the existing recording with the new one. I couldn't find how to do that. Maybe I did not look hard enough, but it would at least be a nice feature to have. So, does it exist already?

4 replies

By paying for a PRO account:
Just been there and done that, thanks! 4 bucks a month is really very reasonable, I am a happy camper.
I agree with your question and await the reply. Is going pro the only way or what? any replyy I am grateful I just used the account to record and remember stuff but am amending and re-recording and amending all the time so any advise is gratefully accepted.

OK 4 years later, I guess that the only answer is to pay money and go pro. Thanks people. :sunglasses::v: