How do I upload my songs that I have created in Ableton Live? It says that they are being processed, is that right and I should just wait?

  • 13 November 2015
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I'm trying to upload tracks from Ableton Live, 3 separate original songs now, and after it goes through, it says that they are being processed... over 12 hours now. Did I do something wrong while exporting or uploading?

5 replies

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Hi The Remains of Shane,

I use Ableton Suite to make and upload my music and I don't experience any problems. May I ask what format the song you upload is? And also, can you give me a little description of the process you go through to put the song on Soundcloud?

Andrew (Alias AM)
I tried in wav and aif, they are the 2 formats that ableton allows me to export in. I'm new to this so not sure if I'm doing it right. There is an icon that I just turned on in the export window in Live that uploads straight to sound cloud but that isn't working either.
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Don't use the Ableton-Soundcloud exporter, it's super buggy. What I do is I export as .wav, convert to an .mp3 using, and then upload. Give this a try, might help.
Cool, thanks. Never heard of Zamzar. Will try that. 🙂
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Hey there,

Alias AM approach is definitely a good option to get your tunes out there. I've looked in to your upload attempts from our end now, and it looks like the tracks that were uploaded are in either the Ableton project format (.als), or in the format that Ableton Live uses for their analyse-files of audio clips.

If you tried to upload these directly through the Ableton integration they have using the SoundCloud API and this was the outcome, it might be worth getting in touch with them as well and let them know about it.

I'll make sure to ping the relevant product team on our end as well, however since it is an integration, there's little we can do from our end.

I, personally, always export to .wav and upload through my web browser rather then using the integration. That way I can preview the actual audio file before it goes public, too.

Hope this helps!