How to change ISRC in SOundcloud Premier

  • 9 October 2018
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The box is grayed out because I clicked I have no ISRC code but the song already has one and I'd like to put that on there, I don't know if this will cause a conflict so I'd like to know if a new ISRC code will change me getting money from it

4 replies

Please reply to this guy, he needs your help and so do I.......
Me three - we all need to know. What is going on? Why can't we edit our ISRC codes for our own music? When I agreed to monetize my tracks on SC, some of which at that time, I did know/have to hand, the ISRC code. I am sure I ticked a box that said; add ISRC at later date, nothing was mentioned about SC generating it's own ISRC to my copyrighted material, or not allowing me to change them to correct ones at later date. If we are unable to change the codes? What is the work around ? must we then edit the PRS and PPL listing for each track, and add the SC generated code to our tracks, to claim full ownership? Seems like a real waste of time. Surely we can just edit the ISRC, without deleting and re-uploading the tracks... ? Someone must have figured this out. ? Or is it just a bug on the website? Any advice on this much appreciated, from SC or users..

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