How to Distribute music

  • 22 February 2019
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Hi there.

I'm trying to set up a release to distribute following Soundcloud's instructions (copied below)

It's not giving me the 'Distribute' option.

Can anyone help?

How to create a release

To create a new release, go to Your Tracks, select the tracks you want to include in the release and click ‘Distribute.’ If you feel like you need more time, you can save a draft of your release to come back to later. You can also make changes to metadata after you’ve distributed a release.

6 replies

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Hey there,

In order to distribute, you'll have to become part of the Premier program first. Sorry if this is confusing. The requirements for this are outlined here:

I took a brief look at your profile. Please note that mixes cannot be monetized or distributed, so this program might not be designed entirely to fit your needs.
Thanks Mathis,
I'm not looking to distribute our podcast. Just releases from our label:

I've discontinued our TuneCore account & paid for SoundCloud Pro in order to do this but I can't seem to find any way to select 'distribute'.

If you can point me in the right direction that'd be great.
Hi @Mathis,
Just wondering if you can give me anymore info here as would really like to get this music up soon.


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Hey again Jon,

Sorry about the late reply on this one. It looks like you're not eligible for the Premier program just yet. The product team continues to improve the program as we move forward, including ways to make the program more easily available for users in the future. I will pass on your feedback.

Once you're eligible for the program and sign up, the option to distribute will also become available to you.
Hello again @Mathis
Thanks for getting back.
Could you tell me why i'm not eligible? & how will i know when I am.
I paid for the subscription as advertised to use this service. I appreciate it's early days but this what was advertised?

I'll give some more time but am able to get a refund if it doesn't become available as I have cancelled my TuneCore account to move everything to Soundcloud.

Thanks again

Looks like you need 1000+ plays in a month to be eligible. I usually publish with a label and was looking to Soundcloud to do some things on my own, I hope this doesn't require too much commitment. I'd rather pay an extra to have publishing services