How to hide monetized track that got copied to my profile

  • 22 December 2018
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Recently I have released new track. When I've tried to upload it to my profile, soundcloud blocked it and notified me that I do not own rights for it. Of course I have, so I used this link to proceed with the issue:
Few days ago my new song was added to my profile. Everything would be fine, but my old single was added too, which I did not request rights for. I am not sure how it works, but both singles which got copied to my profile have almost no views. I don't want to see the old single on my profile, but I can't delete it. Is this any way to somehow hide it? How bad it looks when track is uploaded 1 year ago and has 0 views...
Maybe if there is no possibility of handle that, I should contact soundcloud/record label?


2 replies

Could anyone help me? This looks really bad on my profile. I would rather remove it and make a new one, but I will loose all the stats since 2011...
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Hi there Shane,

If this is still an issue, please reach out to your label or distributor, as they will be able to help with this issue most efficiently. If you require further assistance, please reach out to our support team via the contact form from our Help Center.