How to monetize the same SoundCloud track on multiple SoundCloud profiles?

  • 3 February 2019
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I'm from a "free record label" or music collaboration community called BangerSound.

We have lots of different artists who have signed tracks to BangerSound, and we have (with their permission) uploaded their music to our SoundCloud channel as our label releases. How do we monetize our artists' tracks on our SoundCloud profile (while they simultaneously monetize the SAME tracks that are uploaded to their own SoundCloud profiles) so that we can give that streaming revenue to the artists?

Some of our artists have monetized their music through RouteNote, Amuse, TuneCore, etc. and are able to monetize the track on their OWN SoundCloud profiles - but not on ours!!!! 😢 So they are missing out on all the streaming revenue from our profile, which is often where most of their views on that song are.

SO - How do we monetize the track on our SoundCloud profile (AS WELL AS THEIRS) so we can give that $$ to the artists? OR even more easily - how can the artists get that monetization directly from our profile without us having to do anything like sign up for premier monetization / transfer it to them etc if they are only able to monetize the track on their own profile?

There HAS to be some sort of Content ID recognition that monetizes an artist's song across THE ENTIRE PLATFORM, no matter who uploads it. Does this exist? Can someone point me to it? How can I sign up for it?

~ Teaganbear from BangerSound

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