I can't download the Soundcloud app from Google Play

  • 28 August 2019
  • 1 reply

Hi! I have a trouble: my device just can't see the app on Google Play so I cannot download it. When I search for "Soundcloud" on Google Play, I don't see the main app, only "Soundcloud for creators". When I search via Google in my browser, I can find the link to "Soundcloud" on Google Play, but when I click it to proceed, I get the result "The item is not found". It's really strange! I'd been using Soundcloud before, that deleted and now want to install again, but can't. Maybe, you blocked me or what is the reason? 🙂

1 reply

Having the same problem, done a factory reset on my s6 to try and improve the battery and now cant find soundcloud on the playstore. Its still coming up on my s8 and works fine