I cannot record directly on the soundcloud site. Why?

  • 29 October 2015
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I do a PodCast with a friend and when I want to record directly on the sound cloud site it doesn't do anything. I click the allow button when it pops up. But it will not record. I have to do all my recording on my pc and then upload a file. My friend logged into my account using her pc thinking it was my pc settings. It didn't work for her either. Why can I not record on sound cloud?

2 replies

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Hi there Taboo,

Hm, I would think this is something to do with the Flash plugin on your and your friends computer. Flash is actually no longer developed by Adobe, and from my personal experience, it can crash within your browser, at which point the recording will be lost.

So, if you're recording a podcast, I'd highly suggest to record this into an audio file on your computer first, then upload it from there. There's Audacity, for instance, which is a free audio recording and editing program. You can find more info around this and download it here.

Alternatively, if you want to troubleshoot this further, I'd recommend to install the most recent version of Flash. Also, make sure you try different browsers on your computer, too.

Hope this helps!


P.S.: Another advantage of recording in an audio editor is that you can edit your recording before pushing it live.
I use Chrome. I have tried using Explorer and my friend used Safari. When she logs into my account it wont work. But on her account it wont. I have ZERO clue how to use Audacity...I have it but no clue how the heck to us it