i cant upload any file Pro plan 6-hour limit

  • 26 July 2016
  • 2 replies

Hello I recently renewed Our account " newmedia4ar " but now i cant upload any file and the message saying " You’re over your Pro plan 6-hour limit by 2,899 minutes. Get more minutes to upload more" Yesterday Sound Cloud site advise me to go with pro paln then i did it but now Sound Cloud saying go pro unlimited so what about my plan pro and my money i hope you have Solution to this problem Thank you,wish you all the best

2 replies

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Hi there,

It looks like you've upgraded to Pro which provides you with 360min. of upload quota. You've currently uploaded 3259min., hence many of your tracks are still hidden.

I noticed you upgraded and chose to pay yearly. For yearly upgrades, our system will automatically calculate a prorated pricing when you're upgrading from Pro to Pro Unlimited. Alternatively, you could delete your old tracks to make space for new content (however, you'd probably need to delete quite a lot of your tracks to get under the 360min. again).

Hope this helps to clarify why you're facing this issue. You can manage your subscription here.

it's clear thank you i'm going to upgrade my subscription soon
wish you all the best