i just listen songs i dont have copy rights

  • 25 February 2015
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i am listenig songs in my computer by downloadling by internet and i upload them on sound cloud they says about copy right ,i am confuse. :(

Copyright Notification - Case 14146410

Our automatic content protection system has detected that your track, "Billo",
may contain copyright protected content and we've blocked it from being published on your profile.

For additional information on why your track was taken down, please check
i athe registered email on this profile, or visit your disputes page:

If you are the copyright owner of this content, if you have rights holder permission
to share the content, or if you believe a mistake has been made, please file a dispute

2 replies

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Hi Mahtab,

Thank you for writing in and apologies for the confusion. Please read here so that you can understand copyright and SoundCloud.

Hi Gina,

Can you please suggest me some non copyrighted songs that i can use for broadcasting at my office place.