I know this is specific to me but...

  • 7 November 2019
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Hi er…


Yea, I know this one’s really specific to my situation but er…


The thing with the current SoundCloud monthly plan right now is that… because the automated system keeps charging my debit card earlier and earlier, I end up with overdraft problems every month now, all because SoundCloud would refuse to delay the payment process even though the actual month hadn’t even started yet, and it used to be that SoundCloud would charge mid-month, and then it started creeping up to the start of the month, which I was kind of okay with having the payments go at the start of the month, but now SoundCloud is still charging earlier and earlier, and thus I’m stuck with this absurd situation where I’m forced to pay overdraft fees only because SoundCloud won’t revert to charging at the start of the month rather than charging earlier and earlier. Can we please get a fix to this?




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