I'm sitting here at the save tracks page and it says 'saving" for a sec and goes back to save (tracks did not save)

  • 2 September 2016
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where are my tracks?
I can't exit unless my tracks (IN ORDER) have been saved on my profile.
I have already had to upload FOUR TIMES in a row, please reply as soon as possible as to where my tracks are:

2 replies

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Hi there,

I can see you managed to upload a number of tracks in the meantime - great! Two of them got flagged for containing copyright protected material though - maybe the root cause of the issue?

NO the root cause of the issue is that songs that were flagged are no longer copyright (over 50 years old), but MY SONGS THAT ARE NOT FLAGGED ARE NOT THERE!
there is 70 minutes or so GONE from my profile and nineteen song that ARE NOT THERE plus the two over 50 year old songs that were intros to my djmix/album so 21 songs in all and NINETEEN are mine and should be there.