I posted a song for a friend and it isn't showing on his profile.

My friends username is RemedyChurch. I help upload their podcasts weekly. This week I uploaded the sound and it shows that it uploaded. When I try to listen from a different location it doesn't show that the track is there. Is there anything I can do to fix it or is it something on SoundCloud's end? It is a public track.

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Hi there Jeremy,

Thanks for posting. I was able to reproduce what you're describing and saw that you worked around this by adding the tracks to a playlist. I've reached out to our developers about this. They are currently looking into an issue where individual tracks don't seem to push through to the stream properly - hoping we can get this stabilized soon for you!

Thank you for your patience about this and for reporting - it is very much appreciated!

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My recent track called Maranatha Church isn't showing up when other people come to visit my page on their own account. I have placed the track in a playlist and people can see it from there. However the track isn't appearing on my main page. How do I get the track to appear on the main page for other people to see?