I recorded a track through Soundcloud and now it won't upload...

  • 11 February 2016
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I recorded podcast through Soundcloud, as opposed to recording it on my lap top. From their I went to upload right onto my site. However, none of it has uploaded yet and I never once lost connection with the internet since I started the recording. Just please tell me my recording isn't lost. If there is a way it can be sent to me or left for me to download via Dropbox or something, please let me know. I would really hate to have lost this conversation. PLEASE HELP!

1 reply

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Hi there,

Hmm, I can see you uploaded a new track 1 day ago - is this the track in question? If not so, if by "through SoundCloud" you mean the onsite recording feature, I'm afraid there will be little chance to recover that recording 😕 I don't see any unsuccessful upload attempts, so the Flash engine that is used to do the browser based recording might have crashed in the background (unfortunately, not something that triggers an error message of any kind). Flash also doesn't seem to store a backup in any format that you could just grab and continue editing (I've been in this exact same situation myself before), so the recording is probably lost.

Moving forward, I recommend using and audio editing program such as Audacity (freeware) to make sure you'll always have a backup tool to come back to.

All the best