I recorded my sermon this morning, and uploaded it . When I checked on the website, it says "processing." File isempty. Can I recover?

  • 15 December 2014
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I recorded my weekly sermon this morning, and uploaded it before leaving church. It did not post anywhere. When I checked on the website, it says it is "processing." The file shows empty. How can I recover this? It's important...part of a sermon series.

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Hi Dennis,

Thank you for posting on the help forum. I've looked into this for you from our end and can see that you tried to upload "A Great Contractor" - I'm afraid the connection must have disconnected at some point during the upload. I tried to pull the upload all the way through, however wasn't able to get to the originally uploaded file. Maybe it is still stored on your device?

There's "Android File Transfer" for Android devices and "iExplorer" for iOS devices (iPhones, iPad's etc.) to see if you can still copy the original recording from your mobile device to your PC, then upload it to SoundCloud from there.

Hope this helps. Feel free to let us know here if you have further questions.