I've never had a problem with audio quality until now

  • 15 January 2018
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I have a pro account and paid money to use SoundCloud and recently, I have been hearing a distortion on some of my hi-hats and not others, which is really confusing. I've mixed it down as cleanly as I could and have put easily 20+ hours into this song, and now when I upload it to SoundCloud I am getting a distorted hi-hat every so often, just enough to completely ruin it for me. I spend all day listening over and over again to my music and I have uploaded it into every format acceptable, I have changed the bit depth, I have went back and even tried to tweak things in the raw state of my instrumental, but NOTHING has worked.

Every couple hi-hats I get this scummy, trashy sounding low quality sounding hi-hat and it is irritating as hell.

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