If shockwave crashes while uploading will I lose my recording? (I recorded it straight in the browser)

  • 11 June 2016
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I recorded straight into soundcloud and now it has stopped and it says shockwave crashed - it also says that ive already created 3 sets and have to delete a set to upload - does that mean I have gone over the time limit -- it was 50 minutes long but the only thing I put up.

I am so worried I will lose it.

The pic below you can see reload at the top and how it says it is waiting to upload and it is just stuck there.

If I reload the flashplayer will I lose the recording? Please help!

1 reply

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Hi there,

I'm afraid if Flash crashes during recording, the recording will be lost, as Flash doesn't seem to cache your recording on the fly. Moving forward, I'd suggest to use an app for your recording, such as Audacity for instance. (Is free and runs on Windows, Mac, or Linux).

That way you can a) edit your recording afterwards, b) export to an audio file and upload whenever you're ready, and c) can always go back to the project file to export again.

Hope this helps.


P.S.: About the playlist issue - you should be able to create as many playlists as you want actually. Playlists as such do not count against your quota. Please apply basic troubleshooting steps if this issue persists.