Image for New Track will not Upload

  • 9 June 2019
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When I uploaded a track today and uploaded an image along with it, it didn't show it, but rather showed an orange-gray gradient. When I uploaded my track, instead of the picture I uploaded, my profile picture was uploaded as the track art. Whenever I try to update the image, the same orange-gray picture appears and when trying to save, it plays the "saving..." animation indefinitely and never uploads. I would like to get my track updated asap, so please respond!

3 replies

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I had similar problem like 2 years ago, I think it was because I clicked the "save" button before all the processing of track was finished. Now while the audio file is uploading, I add picture, then fill up all the fields...when all is done I hit the save button and wait for few seconds before navigating further. Never had problems with pic since then.

At the moment for All My tracks I use pictures in form of JPG 1920 x 1080 if it helps.
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Hey there,

Hmm, using a square jpg image will work best. We recommend a resolution of at least 1000 x 1000px. When you try and upload again, try a different browser, or use your browser in incognito mode with any chrome extensions disabled to make sure the browser doesn't play tricks on us.

Let the community know how it went.

I am currently having this problem and I'm very frustrated. I've done my research and tried everything suggested on the forums, the problem still persists. I'm fairly certain it's a problem on soundcloud's end and I really need it fixed. Thank you.