image not changing on mobile phones

  • 16 November 2015
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We have tried several times to change an image on a track and while it appears to have changed on laptops, the former image still appears on cell phones. And on some phones, one of the tracks appears 2-3 times. We have updated our browser, cleared the cache and website data, and restarted all devices. We need to make sure this photo is changed for all devices before we can make the track public again. What do we do????

4 replies

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Hi there Chloe,

It sounds like the phones might have cached the old images locally. Can you run me through the steps to reproduce the issue? This way we can test if this is rather a device specific issue. Please provide the track URL and let us know what you do on the mobile devices (mobile browser, or app?).

Hi~~Well I cleared the cache on my phone and it worked for my phone but now my daughter and her friends phones still show the old photo. It's something to do with the software. Is there a way to update on soundcloud it will correct? I don't wan to have to delete and reload the track.
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Hi Chloe,

We cannot manually force a sync on all devices. A refresh will depend on each person's app and how often they open the app and if they are connected to wifi. All phones and apps will eventually sync and register changes made to profiles.