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I seem to be having the same issue. Whenever I try and upload a picture to my track it doesn't upload. Its 1.2mb. I tried using chrome and internet explorer. Sane issue,,,its so sad,


sorry for my English ... Well , open your image in any editor , and save it again with another name. Try to upload this new saved photo .
sorry for my English ... Well , open your image in any editor , and save it again with another name. Try to upload this new saved photo .
Hi Mathis!
I read all posts and follwed all the steps mentioned.
I always get the same error while trying to save my header.
Correct resolution, correct file size and everything. Tried making it smaller, tried it via Chrome, Firefox oder IE. I'm running the latest Flash-Version, cleared my chache, all cookies and so on.
Always the samere error as you can see on my screenshot below.

thank you.

Hi guys,

Thanks for posting on our help forum. Apologies about the inconvenience here. We've reached out to our engineers about this and they confirmed an outage on one of our storage servers last night, which was likely the root cause for your issue.

If this is still an issue for you, please perform basic maintenance:
To start fresh, clear your browser's cache and cookies, close the browser window, and open a new one.Check and see that you have the latest version of Flash installed ( If you've installed any plugins (Adblock, Flashblock, HTTPS everywhere) on your browser, please disable them, as this may help. Plugins can sometimes block SoundCloud from working properly. Additionally, please disable or allow for an exemption on any pop up blocker, firewall, or antivirus on your computer. In the event that you are still experiencing difficulties, please try a different browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.) to see if the issue continues. This way we can confirm whether or not this is a local issue on your browser.Hope this helps!


The problem is definitely with I mean chrome....actually its because we didn't flush the caches.....whatever it is, it most certainly is not a problem that the soundcloud engineers need to fix....even though we have no problem uploading images on any other website...with any browser....and without flushing caches.

I tried all browsers and to no avail. Since it was the first image I ever tried to upload I doubt it has much to do with flushing caches or other BS.
Figured it out, you just have to enable browser fingerprinting and your image will upload...then you can disable it again...
my image is always chopped off at the shoulder no matter what image i upload ...even tried to change photo and it still shows the old chopped version...i've been asking same question for 2 years and still nothing responded or fixed🙄