Import metadata from file

  • 8 March 2018
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When I upload a file, some fields in the metadata are automatically filled based on the file metadata. Fields like 'Publisher' and 'Release date' don't appear to work no matter what tag I use in my file. Can you provide more detail as to what those fields look for in the file so I don't have to manually add them? Also, for the 'Description' box in the 'Basic Info' tab, is it possible to have that import a tag from file? Thank you.

3 replies

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Hi! I am surprised you got no answers. Did you solve your issue ?
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Hi there,

Sorry about the confusion. I'm afraid these fields are not compatible with the metadata you store in your ID3tag of an mp3 for instance, thus you'll have to continue filling this out manually for the moment being. When you enable downloads for your tracks, other user will download the exact same file that you've uploaded, including the metadata you've saved in the tag.
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What are the use then of those metadata in SC if no one can see them apart from us, and if they don't follow the downloads ???