Inactive email; trying to change but not working...

  • 29 November 2015
  • 2 replies

My email associated with my account is no longer active. I submitted a new email address but it states that the new email address is already in use, but it does not show on my account. I only have one account. Need to fix this because now I cannot upload songs until I have confirmed email address. How do I fix this?

2 replies

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Hi there,

If it says the email is in use, chances are that you've accidentally created another account at some point. Please go to to reset your password for the "unknown" account. I'd recommend to make sure you're not logged in to any SoundCloud or Facebook accounts on your browser before proceeding.

Once you've access to that account again, you might want to delete it in order to free up the email address. Please follow these steps to proceed.

Hope this helps!

I followed your advice, inputted the email address that I want to use, and it takes me directly to my account. The email is associated with that account, but it does not show up on the primary email address, nor any additional address. The primary email recorded is still the old inactive email. How do I change this? Attached is a screenshot of what I see.