ios mobile app not playing latest version of file

  • 27 December 2016
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Have a Private playlist. One track in particular I have replaced the file and played successfully on multiple laptops. When I play on my ios device (iphone 6, v10.1.1) it will not play the latest version, plays previous version. Have re-replaced file multiple times and confirmed works through multiple laptops and browsers. iOS mobile app will not pull the new version.

Recently replaced a song on another song of the same private playlist, worked fine. Not sure the issue, and saw multiple posts on this subject that went nowhere. My guess is the track in your platform is somehow jeopardized and I need to delete the track and re-create.

1 reply

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Hi there SilkyD,

If you're still facing this issue, please try and delete the app, restart your phone, then download the app again - maybe your phone cache is merely playing tricks on us here. 🙂