LOST ARTWORK. I already loaded an image into soundcloud but have now lost it from my computer

  • 22 January 2015
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5 replies

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Hi Yashu,

Thanks for posting. Hmm, so I understand your only "backup" of that artwork is currently only on SoundCloud and you'd now like to save it back to your computer? If so, then this might be possible.

I remember you are using Firefox, so that's perfect!

Open up the artwork on SoundCloud so you see it as big as possible, then right-click on it and choose "Show background image" (this is a feature that is exclusive to Firefox, btw.).

The page that now opens should show only the image - you can now right-click on it and choose "save as...".

Hope this helps! If you need further assistance, let us know the exact image you're looking for and we'll take a look together.

Hi Mathis..... very strange for normally on firefox I can bring up the image as a large image but today on all
tracks it shows just a small image and I cant get it to be the normal large size...... Wonder what has happened ....have you any thoughts please Mathis ????? thanks..... from Yashu

HI Mathis..... Ive worked out how to get the larger image....I put in share and got it that way....however I right clicked and got save as......but it showed and saved the soundcloud logo not my image as above ??????

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Hi Dr. Yashu,

What you are seeing is our new track page layout. To grab the image click on the square image again, this will make a window with only your track image appear. From here, right click and save the image.

Hope that helps!
thanks Gina..... Ive got it sussed..... thanks so much for your help....I really do appreciate it....