Many of my tracks cut out near the end, but haven't before

  • 15 September 2017
  • 5 replies

Recently and out of no where, many of my songs have been grayed out at the very end which make the ending cut off and sound odd to some songs. I've noticed since the start of this week, but before I had no issue with those songs since they would be ending normally. I was just wondering if there was an option so I'd be able to disable it, or if SoundCloud themselves have cut the ending out of my songs automatically which would be upsetting. I would really like help on what I can do or if SoundCloud can change it on their own for me. Please help. - Xpect The Worst

5 replies

I'm having this same issue with one of my tracks.
I personally tried clearing out my browser's cache, and using different browsers, none of those attempts fixed my issue.
Im having the same issue. Looks like no one has responded as to why. This is no help.
Same issue here. All of my songs play silence for the first 15 seconds, then they cut out the last 15 seconds. Really annoying! Is this a problem with SoundCloud, with my account, or with my browser? I wish there was something I could do about it, aside from adding 15 seconds of silence to the end of every track.

Yo same bruh no answer ? Randomly cut off the rest of my song !

I started padding a few seconds of silence to the end of my tracks.  It’s not a great solution, and sometimes music does still cut out, but this hasn’t happened as much recently as it used to.  Sorta sucks too cause you only get a limited amount of time for your songs, so filling it with empty silence seems like a waste!