Metadata created in iTunes does not reflect when track is downloaded from Soundcloud.

  • 7 February 2017
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i created metadata for my songs in iTunes , (this includes band name, artist name, publisher etc..) I then uploaded these tracks to a Soundcloud playlist and then enabled the download function.

Just as a test, I went and downloaded the tracks from soundcloud and imported them back into itunes (follow me?). Unfortunately, the metadata I had created was not reflected. The only information displayed was the song name.

Can someone please help with this? It's absolutely necessary to have the metadata stored for these songs. especially when sending to industry people on a private link.

2 replies

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Hi there,

Hmm, this seems quite odd - the file that you upload will be the exact same file that others can download. Maybe the ID3 tag was not properly saved in the audio file's metadata, but locally in your iTunes instead? In order to troubleshoot this further, try using a program dedicated to an mp3 file's mp3 ID3tag, such as mp3tag:

Hope this helps 🙂
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Hi! Same problem for me... I would add another odd thing: this is the case even for the metadata filled directly in soundcloud (ISRC, ISWC, etc.): once downloaded back, they all disappear. And concerning Mathis' suggestions, what if the tracks are not MP3 ?...