mono streaming 128 kps on iphone eliminates lead vocal

  • 22 February 2017
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when played thru stereo headphones it is fine.I troubleshooted by going back to my DAW to see if there were phase problems. I found a plugin on the vocal track out of phase easy fix.I fixed that & called up a mono utility plugin on both the vocal and the main output of the whole song --toggling back and forth.Great ...vocal is prominent in mono .Did a new mix and replaced the track on soundcloud ( I have a pro account) .......same problem ..streaming thru the phone speakers(mono) the vocal is barely heard ,however in stereo it's fine.Others have said the same thing with Android phones so..I wonder if it is still somehow playing the old track even tho I replaced it.....ANYONE???????

1 reply

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Hi there,

Hmmm, still happening? Sounds like this is due to the way it was recorded. I can usually be rectified by phase inversion of one of the channels. Here's how that is done - for instance - in Audacity:

Hope this will help.