MP3 compression is noticeably worse

  • 1 December 2017
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Was the MP3 transcoder changed in the past week? Because I have a song that sounded fine before but I have noticed sounds VASTLY worse than it did.

Here is the link:

And downloads are enabled so you can compare the lossless. The effects are worst at around 4:04.

3 replies

@Sam Dodson I have been having this same issue for a month now - have you found any solution?
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Hi there,

Please see here for more info:

@VIZITOR, if you're saying you've been having these issues for over a month now, the root cause might be a different one. Have you tried basic troubleshooting yet?

- Test different browser
- Test different network
- Test different computer if applicable
- Update your browser
- Clear your browser cache
- Disable any third party extensions in your browser, such as Adblock etc.

@Mathis I have already been through all of these steps ad nauseum for weeks now and the conclusion was that the issue was due to SoundCloud's new encoding system being activated when users are logged in.

How can we solve these problems is they are being covered up?