Muddy Low end audio after upload

  • 24 April 2020
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Hello, Ive been having this problem since I've been uploading music. The track gets a low end muddiness that is really annoying. It almost sounds like when wind blows into a phone microphone, or when you roll the windows down on a car. I checked all levels in the mix and made sure the wav file I uploaded did not have that noise. The audio file is perfect until I upload it to SoundCloud, sounds fine on Apple Music and Spotify. Furthermore, the noise only is there when I listen from my phone, I connected the same headphones to my desktop and played the same song, no noise when listening from the desktop. Ive been having this problem for a while and tried multiple mixing techniques but nothing seems to work. I would appreciate any help, Thank You. 

here is the link to a song that has the issue when listening from my phone to my airpods

0 replies

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