Multiple Soundcloud Accounts in conflict

  • 7 November 2019
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Hi, I have several soundcloud accounts, but I lost access of one because I think it's linked to facebook, and I had 2 emails in facebook. One of which I had another soundcloud. I already tried changing my Facebook email to a new one that is not linked to any Soundcloud, but still the problem remains. 
These are the emails that used to be in my Facebook:

These 2 emails were my primary and secondary Facebook emais and were linked to 2 different soundclouds accounts plus a third one linked to facebook.

My Soundclouds linked to Facebook:

- ( This is not linked to any email only Facebook) - at the moment I can login with the Facebook.  - linked to - using this email logs me in on the previous account(Zumbi Albino).

I removed both emails from Facebook and created a new neutral one:

Help please,
Thank you


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