Music maker jam uploading wont work

  • 28 May 2017
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Im new to Soundcloud. I joined cause i wanted to find good music and maybe try to make some of my own music. I downloaded Music maker JAM to make some music. I made 2 soundtracks and i want to share them here on Soundcloud, but when i check the Soundcloud option when sharing it shows a red X and the share button stays gray! 😠 I would be thankful if you helped me.

//A desperate music newbie:?

1 reply

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Hi there Cantaloupix,

It looks like no one from the Help Community has had the chance to get back to you yet. Hmm, Music maker JAM is using an integration of SoundCloud. If something is broken, they'll have to fix this from their end. Alternatively, you can export your track as a .mp3 or .wav file and upload it directly on the website at

Your account settings look ok - you've got a properly confirmed email address, and have lots of space on your account to upload your newest recordings :)