my acoustic piano recordings have sound saturation

  • 11 November 2015
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When I record my acoustic piano I get sound saturation. Is there a way to avoid this other than playing softly? It seems like when I play "normal" its "too loud" and the SoundCloud recording shows sound saturation. I'm using a CAD U3 Limited Edition USB Studio Recording Microphone and a chromebook and recording through SoundCloud. My recordings do not turn out well unless I play very quietly.

5 replies

Use a Midi Keyboard
Use a Midi Keyboard
Thank you for your reply. Yes, digital pianos are good at recording and I have one, but my primary reason for using SoundCloud is because I want to be able to record my acoustic piano; once I figure out how to do this I will be able to get rid of my digital piano; the acoustic piano is much more fun to play.
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Use a Midi Keyboard
Hi George,

It would help if you could record first (with volume control) and then upload to SoundCloud, this way you can control the volume output. Also, try putting your microphone further away.

Hope that helps!
Use a Midi Keyboard
Your advice worked.

Thank you
Use a Midi Keyboard
Glad to see this works, much thanks.

Cheers from Chile